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Will USCIS accept your translation?

We guarantee USCIS acceptance of your translations or your money back. We stay up to date on the evolving USCIS translation requirements. If you receive a translation from us and USCIS updates its policies after the fact, we will reissue your translation to you, no questions asked.

Per Federal Regulations Title 8 § 103.2
As of: 10/31/2022

a5: Translation of name. If a document has been executed in an anglicized version of a name, the native form of the name may also be required.

b3: Translations. Any document containing foreign language submitted to USCIS shall be accompanied by a full English language translation which the translator has certified as complete and accurate, and by the translator's certification that he or she is competent to translate from the foreign language into English.

Updated on: 15/11/2022

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