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How do I add a user to my account?

Adding users to your ImmiTranslate account allows for efficient collaboration and management of your translation needs. Follow these steps to add a user to your existing account:

Step 1: Navigate to the Account Users Page

Go to the Account Users page to manage users associated with your account. This page is designed to help you easily add, remove, or modify user permissions.

Step 2: Add New User

If you are an account administrator, you will see an "Add new user" button on this page. Click this button to open a window where you will be prompted to enter the new user's details:

Accounts that were created prior to our user permissions system do not have a default administrator. If none of the users within the Users table have the role "Administrator", please contact support via email or the chat box to have a user set as the account administrator.

- Email: The user's email address. This will be used for logging in and all account-related communications.
- First Name: The user's first name.
- Last Name: The user's last name.
- Administrator Access: Check this option if you want the new user to have administrator access. Administrators can add and remove users, including other administrators, and manage account settings.

If a user already exists in our system but is not attached to your account, please contact support via email or the chat box to have that user merged into your account.

Step 3: User Roles and Permissions

Upon adding a new user, you'll need to decide whether they should have "Administrator access." Granting administrator access allows the user to manage account settings, users, and permissions, including the ability to add or remove other users.

Step 4: Managing User Status

The users' view table displays important information such as names, emails, roles (User or Administrator), and status. The status indicates whether users are "Active" or "Inactive" and whether they need to set a password. A "Password not set" flag next to a user means that they must enter a security code sent to their email and then set a new password upon their first login to the account.

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Updated on: 15/02/2024

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