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How can I share a quote with someone else?

We offer a simple way to share a quote with someone else, such as a client or trusted friend.

First, head over to your Account Quotes page.
Click the dots menu on the right side of the quote you'd like to share.
Then, click the Share Quote button.
A window will appear. Copy the Share URL and send it to your client or trusted friend to allow them to make a payment.

The location of the Share Quote button

The Share Quote option is only available once you have created an account and placed a quote request. Quotes requested when you are not logged into your account or prior to your account creation cannot be shared.

Can I specify a message to appear on the quote page?

Yes! Once you click the Share Quote button, a window will appear with the option to specify a message. Once you have entered a message, click "Save" and the message will be displayed on the page available at the link under Share URL.

Entering a custom message on the quote share page.

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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