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Requesting a quote for invoiced accounts

Once your ImmiTranslate account has been approved for invoicing, users within your account can place quotes for translation that do not require prepayment.

Step 1.
To begin, login to your ImmiTranslate account.

Step 2.
Once logged in, select the Request a quote for translation button on the Dashboard.

Step 3.
Once on the Quote Request page, upload the document(s) for translation, select the language pair, select any additional options you require for the translation, then click Submit Request.

Step 4.
A quote page along with your quote number will appear. A confirmation of the quote request will be emailed to you as well.

Step 5.
Once our team has reviewed the documents and developed a price for the translation, a second email will arrive with the subject Quote ####### Is Now Ready!.

Step 6.
Clicking the View My Quote button will take you back to the quote page.
Once on the quote page, please review the price.
If the price is acceptable and you wish to continue, click the Approve button.

Clicking the approve button will add the cost of the translation to your current invoice.

Step 7.
Once the Approve button has been clicked, an order will be generated from the quote request and the translation process will begin.

If the "Approve" button does not appear, please ensure that you are currently logged into a user on the account that requested the quote and that your account has invoicing enabled. If you're having trouble approving a quote, a support agent can assist via the chat box or via email (

Clicking the Make Payment button on the quote page will direct you to a payment page. This will pay for the translation immediately and it will not be added to your invoice. This is useful if you have a one-off document that you do not wish to associate with an invoice.

Updated on: 27/01/2023

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